Villa vs Apartment: Which is right for you?

If you have recently made the decision to relocate or purchase your ideal holiday home, there is no better place than warm, sunny Spain.

Whether you are looking for your own slice of heaven to spend your retirement years or the perfect holiday spot for you and your family, there is no doubt you’ll find the home of your dreams in this fascinating country.

With affordable house prices, over 300 days of sunshine per year and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it isn’t surprising that between 800,000 and 1 million British expats have chosen Spain as their home.

And while you may already have your heart set on a specific type of property, you might still have doubts or concerns regarding whether it can offer everything you desire.

If you are planning to use your future property for prolonged stays, for example, a villa may be a more suitable option, whereas an apartment may be the right choice if you need the perfect place for a quick summer getaway, as opposed to a more permanent residence.

Below, we’ll look at the main differences between villas and apartments, the features and advantages of each and which would make the best home.

Considering the location of your property

While there are a number of stunning, convenient locations to relocate or invest in around Spain, some are more in demand with foreign home buyers. A popular choice for both tourists and expats, the region of Valencia boasts phenomenal culture, food and entertainment, all of which can be enjoyed at a low price.

And though some of the cities in Valencia are particularly sought-after – over 15% of those living in Alicante, for instance, are not Spanish – most of the region is home to a vibrant, lively community of expats.

Valencia also hosts a variety of stunning cities, fantastic coastal areas and hidden gems, one of which is the gorgeous Las Colinas, a central location perfect for travelling to both cities and beaches within the region. Surrounded by hills and nature, the area is nothing short of remarkable and an ideal spot for a forever home.

What is the difference between a villa and an apartment?

A villa is an independent building, while an apartment is a small unit that’s part of a larger, high-rise building and that offers varying living configurations. 

The perfect place to enjoy privacy and a peaceful life, villas make for an appealing choice for many, particularly those who prefer a more independent and tranquil lifestyle, such as retirees.

Apartments, on the other hand, are perfect for community living, offering a more interactive environment as well as being generally more affordable.

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the villa vs apartment debate, as either of the two may work for specific individuals depending on their circumstances and their needs.

Why invest in villas?

Luxurious interiors, sizeable living spaces and phenomenal architecture: most villas are capable of offering all these qualities and more.

With charming gardens, private terraces and pools, being the owner of a villa is a dream come true for most, particularly those who covet the benefits of large open spaces and complete privacy.

Make use of private balconies or terraces to relish your favourite hobbies, enjoy your morning coffee or a refreshing drink in the evening or simply unwind after a day filled with activities.

The large amount of indoor space allows owners to design and customise each room to create their ideal living space, while remarkable outdoor areas complete with plenty of greenery make for the perfect environment to host fabulous parties or get-togethers.

Whatever your reasons may be for considering purchasing a villa, these types of property are highly desirable and make for a great investment.

Why invest in apartments?

Apartments are perfect for community living, letting you enjoy all the benefits of a great location with the added value of a richer social life, particularly if you want to invest in a holiday home for you and your family, and are interested in meeting like-minded people.

Providing great value for money and security, apartments also tend to be smaller structures, making them easy to manage and reducing maintenance costs.

However, if you long for a luxurious lifestyle, there are plenty of luxury apartments capable of offering sensational perks without additional expenses. Apartment complexes located in gated communities or resorts, for instance, often include the same features and amenities as villas, offering the perfect compromise.

Las Colinas golf villas

Las Colinas villas for sale can truly make your luxury living dreams come true. Located in the stunning Las Colinas Golf & Country Club, these properties vary in both size and design, making each one a unique private hideaway.

Investing in a villa in Las Colinas also provides you with the additional perks that come with living in a gated community, including 24-hour security, a variety of sports amenities, restaurants, clubs and more.

These golf villas provide added investment value thanks to the award-winning 18-hole golf course, as well as offering stunning views and the added benefits of being surrounded by nature.

Many of these gorgeous luxury villas, such as Villa Mimosa, boast incredible features that are sure to impress your guests, such as solariums, perfect for sunbathing under the warm Mediterranean sun, as well as interior and exterior LED lighting and premium ceramic floor tiling.

If it’s absolute luxury you desire, why not consider the stunning Treetops villa, complete with an infinity swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a smart home system and both sea and golf views?

No matter your circumstances, these golf villas come with an extraordinary lifestyle, and are truly an investment worth making.

Las Colinas golf apartments

Las Colinas apartments provide all the luxury villas can offer at a lower cost. With outstanding structures and phenomenal architecture, these Las Colinas apartments truly make an impression. Enhanced by remarkable golf views and immense green spaces, their value is embedded in a variety of factors.

These resort apartments have been built with quality in mind, with picturesque designs and breathtaking environments.

Their aesthetic and security features are second to none, comprising powerful air conditioning systems, smart home systems and flooring made of top-quality materials, the stunning Mandarino Apartments being the perfect example.

These heavenly spaces will give you access to all the comfort you’ll need as well as the lifestyle you deserve, allowing you to live out your luxury dreams in a safe, first-class resort with a range of amenities just around the corner.

Las Colinas apartments and villas for sale

Whether you have opted for a villa or an apartment, Las Colinas, Spain is an ideal place to settle down, and purchasing a Las Colinas Golf & Country Club property is a secure and profitable investment, no matter your circumstances. Find out more information about the Las Colinas resort.

The team at Andrew Brown can guide you through the entire process of acquiring a new property, helping you choose between an incredible selection of villas and apartments in the Las Colinas Golf & Country Club. Get in touch with Andrew Brown to learn more!

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