Owning a luxury villa in Spain is a dream for many, and it’s clear to see why, as such stunning properties come with a wide range of benefits and enjoyable features that can be enjoyed year on year.

If you’ve been considering purchasing a villa in Spain for some time, whether it’s to live in permanently or to have as your very own holiday home to return to year on year, it can be incredibly useful to know all the top features of a luxury villa, such as those available at Las Colinas.

To help you in your search for the perfect Spanish property, we have put together a guide on Las Colinas luxury villas, including all the top features and benefits, to give you a better insight as to what can be expected from your exciting investment.

Where is Las Colinas?

Las Colinas Golf and Country Club is located in the south of Alicante, and is an exclusive, private gated community consisting of some of the most stunning villas in Spain.

Surrounded by nature, residents can enjoy a protected woodland view from the comfort of their villas, as well as stunning communal areas and of course, the world-renowned golf course that sprawls the grounds.

Conveniently located just 40 minutes from the main Alicante Airport, or a mere 10 minutes from the smaller San Javier Airport, you can expect a seamless journey from the airport to your door.

What are the main benefits of Luxury Villas in Las Colinas, Spain?

Las Colinas villas are renowned for their luxuriousness, as well as their ability to provide home comforts, all under one roof.

We’ve put together a list of items to give you a feel for what you can expect from a Las Colinas villa, such as the ones available at Las Colinas Golf and Country Club:

  • Bedrooms – the bedrooms in Las Colinas villas are just what you’d expect – spacious, light, and airy, as well as extremely comforting.
  • Kitchen – complete with fully equipped kitchens, you can move into your Las Colinas villa and get cooking up a storm in the kitchen straight away.
  • Bathrooms – one of the most used rooms in the home, bathrooms in these luxury villas are spacious, clean, and modern, and some even feature underfloor heating.
  • Pool – a luxury villa wouldn’t be a luxury villa without a pool, and many of the villas available at the Las Colinas Golf and Country Club have their own private pools, so you can have a dip whenever you want. Las Colinas, Spain, is very well known for having villas with pools.
  • Alarm system – if you’re looking to live in a gorgeous villa with your family, then safety will of course be one of your main concerns. Thankfully, all villas on the resort have a comprehensive alarm system.
  • Electric shutters – while undeniably glorious, the Spanish sunshine may not be welcome in the early hours, especially if you’re trying to get some extra winks of sleep. However, thanks to the electric shutter blinds, you can lie in a little longer.
  • Parking spaces – if you’re concerned about where to park your own vehicle, you’ll be pleased to know that many luxury villas in Spain come with their own dedicated parking spaces.
  • Terrace – with a gorgeous terrace, you can place various pieces of garden furniture so you can enjoy the sun during your spare time.
  • Ample storage – there’s a common misconception that luxury villas are all looks and no practicality, however, the properties at Las Colinas boast ample storage options to ensure you can keep your property tidy and organised.
  • South-facing – all the villas at Las Colinas are south-facing, meaning they’re perfectly positioned to soak up all the sun throughout the day, with the most gorgeous views to complement.
  • Smart home system – housing state of the art home technology, Las Colinas villas come with a smart home system, which controls attributes such as lighting, climate, and entertainment systems.

As you can see, the reasons for living in a luxury villa in Spain really are endless! Also, while the villas are amazing, the Las Colinas apartments also present property owners with a wide range of benefits.

With so many benefits, ranging from aesthetic, practical and of course luxury, Las Colinas villas present investors with a wealth of opportunity which can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Are you interested in a Las Colinas property for sale?

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